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Dev is one of the four committees of the HackMIT organizing team. We are in charge of all of the software development and technical work related to organizing HackMIT.

What does HackMIT Dev do?

If you've attended HackMIT before, you may remember submitting an application on our registration platform.

Or being matched as a host to hackers on our matching platform.

Or being checked-in with our QR code check-in system.

Or being helped on our mentor help queue.

Or checking out hardware at our hardware desk.

All of these aspects of HackMIT are automated by software that is written and maintained by HackMIT Dev. When it comes to organizing a 1000+ person hackathon, there's a LOT of software that goes into making the event run smoothly. This not only includes hacker-facing software, but a lot of internal tools as well. HackMIT is one of few collegiate hackathons that writes all of our own software in-house. Here's a quick rundown of our major software projects:

Feather - Online registration and hacker management platform

Ballot - Our newest, most up-to-date judging platform!

Gavel - Judging platform that implements the Crowd-BT pairwise ranking algorithm

HelpQ - Ticketing-based mentor help queue system

Cog - Hardware checkout and inventory platform

Appreader - Team-based application reading platform

Mattress - Host to hacker matching platform

Spectacle - Project submission and exhibition platform

Splash - HackMIT splash page, customized to each iteration of our event

Day-Of - Hacker dashboard and information live page